Pancontinental Resource Project

Up-Date regarding Pancontinental/Hastings Resources – McBride Project.

As previously indicated, Shawano Rate Payers Inc. is working with our neighboring Lake Associations to lobby all levels of government to stop the progression of the Pancontinental/Hastings Resources – McBride Exploration project and the potential environmental, economic and logistical impact it will have on the area of the SRI, Marmora and Lake Township and, Hastings County.

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Review of Pancontinental Resource Exploration Project

As many of you know, Pancontinental Resources (PanCon) in conjunction with Hastings Resources, have been conducting an exploration feasibility study in the area bounded by Steenburg Lake Road North, Old Hastings Road, Highway 62 and Highway 620. Known as the McBride Project, this project is to determine the feasibility of mining for nickle and cobalt (raw materials for batteries). We need to remember that the area being proposed comprises the Philips Marsh which drains into Nicholson Creek, which drains into Dickey Lake. Dickey Lake drains into the Crowe Valley watershed which ultimately flows into the Trent River. As you can see, the impact of run-off and water usage by this project is far reaching.

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First Nation, Citizens Oppose Pancontinental Resources’ Mining Project in Sensitive Watershed Area Near Bancroft, Ontario

(Toronto) The Chief of Alderville First Nation and over 250 people gathered last night at Pancontinental Resources’ (TSXV: PUC) community information meeting to oppose the McBride mining project in the Limerick and Crowe Valley Watershed areas in Hastings County, Ontario.


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Pancon Presentation

Good afternoon - my name is Bill Rothwell. I am, as Past President, representing Shawano Ratepayers Incorporated, a not for profit Ontario corporation representing owners of property on Dickey Lake, Lake of Islands, Lost Lake and Perch Lake. We are opposed to the exploration and ultimate mining of nickel, cobalt and copper within the township of Limerick. This proposed development, while situated in Limerick Township, has neighbouring townships that will be directly affected. These include Wollaston onTownshipon the west side of Old Hastings Road, Marmora and LakeTownshipwhich issouth-west side of Old Hastings Road and North Steenburg Lake Road where the properties we represent are located, and many others that could potentially be affected.

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2018-19 Mining Watch Limerick Report

Summary Report on the McBride Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Exploration Project in Limerick Township, near Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

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