Bancroft: Mineral Capital of Canada

Bancroft has held the title of “Mineral Capital of Canada” for a very long time, earned by the natural capacity to attract rock hounds from all over the world. The world famous “Gemboree” is held on or about the August

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Lake Trout Egg Harvesting

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) harvested lake trout eggs from Dickey Lake during early October, 2014. Nets were set on spawning shoals to collect spawn eggs and milt for the MNR lake trout rehabilitation project. 100 lake trout were

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The Algonquin Land Claim

What is it ? Where is It ? What Stage is it at ? The Algonquin Land Claim covers a territory of 36,000 square kilometres in eastern Ontario that is populated by more than 1.2 million people. If successful...

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Mineral Exploration & Development Activity in the Shawano area (fall 2013)

The Ministry of Northern Development and Mines Mineral Deposit inventory documents over 40 mineral occurrences within a 5 mile radius of Dickey Lake. Minerals found during the previous mapping and or exploration include: Actinolite, Barite, Copper, Gabbro (dimension stone), Galena...

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