Your lakes need your help!!

In Ontario we are seeing a significant rise in some Invasive Water Species invading many lakes. In order to stop the spread of these invaders it is vital to clean your boats, trailers, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats after leaving any waterway. In addition to this, your live wells and fishing equipment. The spread of Zebra mussels, Starry Stonewort and Water Soldier are on the move so please be vigilant and clean your watercraft. Shawano members are proud members of FOCA and we all support the CLEAN -DRAIN- DRY program

Hazardous Plants

Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species

Recreational boating is one of the joys of living by the water or having a cottage on a lake or river. BUT, invasive species “hitch hikers” can migrate to our lakes if vigilant precautions are not maintained by everyone.

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Weather Alerts, Watches & Warnings

Special Weather Statements: Events that are unusual, causing general inconvenience or public concern and cannot be adequately described in a weather forecast will be classified as a “Special Weather Statement”. Weather Watches: Conditions favourable for storm development.

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Climate Change: At Our Cottage & Everywhere

Big changes are coming to Ontario’s lakes & rivers. First: Audubon’s ”Birds & Climate Change Report” suggests that within this century, “the call of the Loon may disappear” from its traditional territory as a result of global warming.

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