Hazardous Plants

Harmful Plants

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Harmful Plants

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Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species

Recreational boating is one of the joys of living by the water or having a cottage on a lake or river. BUT, invasive species “hitch hikers” can migrate to our lakes if vigilant precautions are not maintained by everyone.

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Weather Alerts, Watches & Warnings

Special Weather Statements: Events that are unusual, causing general inconvenience or public concern and cannot be adequately described in a weather forecast will be classified as a “Special Weather Statement”. Weather Watches: Conditions favourable for storm development.

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Climate Change: At Our Cottage & Everywhere

Big changes are coming to Ontario’s lakes & rivers. First: Audubon’s ”Birds & Climate Change Report” suggests that within this century, “the call of the Loon may disappear” from its traditional territory as a result of global warming.

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