Hydro One Rate Distribution Changes

Hydro One has requested a 29 % increase to distribution rates over 5 years starting January 1, 2015.

The approved rates are based on the Ontario Energy Board determination of revenue required by Hydro One to cover costs of operating and maintaining the distribution system at a level of service that meets the needs of its customers.

  • The major decision by the OEB was to collapse the Seasonal Class. Customers are being reclassified according to density.
  • Reclassification will have cost implications for all customers. Some will experience decreases. Many customers¬†will see significant increases. Specific cost implications for January 1, 2016 will be determined over the remainder of 2015. Hydro One actually has until August to¬† propose how to phase in any increases.

For more information go to http://foca.on.ca