All Garbage Related Dates 2017
DECEMBER 2017 Garbage Dates To Note: Garbage and recycling w
Preliminary budget for 2017
Notes from Mike Stevens on the Marmora and Lake preliminary
Shawano (SRI) has turned “40”
Join the Celebration Be an Informed member of the Shawano co
All Garbage Related Dates 2016
Special Drop Off Days And Hazardous Waste Special Garbage Dr
New Provincial Legislation Passed
The Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association (FOCA) is pl
Threats to Your Cottage in the off-season
Many seasonal cottagers have already closed up for the seaso
Hydro One Rate Distribution Changes
Hydro One has requested a 29 % increase to distribution rate
Experts say more mosquitoes & blackflies this summer
According to GDG Environment, a company that tracks bug acti
Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association “Alerts”
Shawano Ratepayers Inc. is a member of FOCA. When you are a
“Road Wood” Ownership
Hydro One has been brushing, trimming and cutting trees alon
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I wish to double the glass in my existing cedar windows. If
This is a fun building and time for a new family to enjoy it
Sample Item Wanted
This is a Sample Item Wanted Listing. To place your listing
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