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SHAWANO Information for Cottagers, Renters & You

Welcome to SHAWANO (Dickey Lake, Lake of Islands, Lost Lake,  Perch  Lake).   We  hope  you  will  enjoy  the  lakes  as much as we do.  Listed below is some important information and reminders to ensure a safe and friendly stay.

GARBAGE   AND   RECYCLING   DAY Mondays,   including long   holiday   weekends.  Garbage   and   Recycling   are collected  early  in  the morning.    Your  garbage  must  be  in  a bag  and  tagged. Tags  are  available  for  sale  at  a  cost  of $2.00  each  sold  in  sheets  of  10.  (Pls call first to ensure home and leave message as may be outside.  You  may purchase  tags  from  Gord  or  Marilyn  Hoard  –  2377  Ridge Road  – 613-337-5379.  Put  all  garbage  in  animal  proof containers  –  not  on  the  road  –  accessible  garbage  brings unwanted animals – raccoons, bears etc into our area.

NOISE Please  be  considerate  of  your  neighbours.  Keep noise  levels  of  music  and  parties  low  –  especially  at  night after  10:00  pm.   Remember  sound  is  carried  much  further over water and especially in the evenings.

FIRES   &   FIRE   BAN Excerpts   from   By-law   2011-36. Burning  of  garbage  is  not  permitted  at  any  time. During the period between March 31 and September 30, no fire for the  burning  of  grass  wood  or  other  combustible  material shall  be  permitted  between  the  hours  of  7:00  am and  7:00 pm  unless  such  fire  is  used  exclusively  for  cooking  or warmth,  or,  1.  unless  such  fire  is  confined  within  a  metal container  and  is covered  by  metal  mesh  or  screening  to prevent  the  escape  of  coals,  ash  and cinders  and  is  subject to the same hours of burning as stated above and permitted in  all  areas  except  the  former  Villages  of  Marmora  and Deloro. 2. Fires used exclusively for cooking or warmth may be permitted in all areas under the following conditions: A) Fire   must   be   contained   within   an   approved   outdoor fireplace  or  contained  enclosure  no larger  than  1  meter  in diameter; B) Fire must be a minimum of 3 meters from any combustible  objects  and  surfaces  to  prevent  ignition  from radiant  heat;  C)  Burning  may  consist  of  untreated  wood products  only  and  limited  to  an  amount  to  ensure  flames are confined within the unit; D) Fire must be supervised by a responsible person at all times; E) Fire protection devices such as fire extinguishers, pails of water, garden hoses, etc must  be  present;  F)  No  burning  during  periods  of  high winds;  G)  Fire  exclusively  for  cooking  or  warmth  will  only be permitted between 7 am and 11 pm Sunday to Thursday and  7  am  to  1  am  Friday  and  Saturday;  H)  Approval  for “open  air  burning”  must  be  obtained  from  the  Fire  Chief.  Application  must  show  the  type  of  outdoor  fireplace  or container   area   and   location.   A   valid   permit   from   the Municipality   must   be   registered   from   the   person responsible  for  burning;  the  fire  must  be  attended  at  all times  by  one  or  more  persons  19  years  of  age  and  older. Please exercise care and caution. It only takes seconds for a  spark  to  ignite  dry  leaves,  tree  roots,  etc.    Our  area  is  a difficult  area  for  the  volunteer  fire  department  to  service.  Please  have  a  hose,  buckets,  shovel  and  rake  close  by  to carefully put out your fire. Remember if you cause a fire the cottage/home owner will be charged $300 per hour for each fire  apparatus  and  $15  per  hour  for  each  firefighter that attends   the   fire. You   will   also   be   charged   the   costs associated if the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has to be called in to help, as well as for any damages incurred. If a fire ban is in effect, no burning is permitted Fire ban sign is on Dickey Lake Road.

BURNING There   is   no   burning   of   leaves   at   any   time.  Burning  of  garbage,  plastics,  etc  is  not  permitted  at  any time .

DOGS the  municipality  of  Marmora  and  Lake  bylaws  state no person shall allow their dog to run at large.   This means in  a  place  other  than the  owner’s  property.   All  dogs  must be  on  a  leash  when  off  their  owner’s  property.    Constantlybarking  dogs  are  an  annoyance  to  people  trying  to  enjoy  a peaceful time at the lake.

LAKE   BATHING Do   not   use   the   lake   for   bathing, shampooing  or  as  a  washroom.  It  is  environmentally unfriendly   –   even   when using   biodegradable   soap   or shampoo.

SKINNY DIPPING Well… use your own judgement.

BOATING Keep   a   safe   distance   from   shore   to   avoid underwater  rocks  and  to  reduce  shoreline  erosion.  The speed  limit  is  10  km/h  within  30  meters  of  shore. Keep speeds  reasonable  and  avoid  large  wakes  by  not  allowing your boat to plow.  When you launch your boat make sure to wash   it   down   thoroughly   with   bleach   to   prevent   the introduction of zebra mussels into our lakes.

GAS & OIL SPILLS Avoid gas and oil spills into the lake by being  very  careful  when  filling  up  –  any  and  all  spills  are harmful.

LIFE JACKETS The water rapidly cools down, no matter if the  air  feels  warm.  If  you  are  out  on  the  lake  remember  to wear your life jackets! They work  if you wear them!

SNOWMOBILING Some  general  info  to  get  sledding  this winter…   To   ride   the   trail   system   you   will   need   A)   a registered  snowmobile,  B)  A  drivers  licence  or  operators permit  if  you  are  12  years  or  older,  C)  insurance  D)  and  a trail  permit.  Buy  your  permit  where  you  ride! The  local club  is  The  North  Hastings  Snow  Riders.  You  qualify  for  a cheaper permit if your sled is a 1999 or older. Permits can be   purchased  online.   All   the   info   you   need   is   at

ICE   SAFETY Recognize   that   the   ice   will   never   be completely  safe.  There  are  too  many  unknown  factors.  Use at  your  own  risk.  Never go  out  on  the  ice  alone  –  always travel with at least one other friend. Visually inspect the ice conditions  from  shore.  Look  for  signs  of  unsafe  conditions such  as  open  water  or  large  pressure  cracks.  Check  with the local authorities to see what the ice conditions are like. Before  venturing onto  unknown  waterways,  make  a  hole with  an  auger  or  an  axe  reasonably  close  to  shore,  to  get  a clearer picture. Always tell someone exactly where you are going and when you expect to be home. Anything less than 3 inches should be avoided at all costs. 4 inches can support activities like ice fishing, walking and cross-country skiing. 5 inches can support a snowmobile or an ATV, while 8 to 12 inches  of  ice  is  enough  to  support  a small  car.  And  while these  guidelines  are  generic,  ice  conditions  vary  and  the above is for newly formed ice.

EMPTY WINE & BEER BOTTLES Please return all your empties  for  a  refund.  Drop  Off  Locations;  Trudy’s  (Hwy. 62) and Elm Street Supplies (Behind the Food Mart in Coe Hill.  Open  Tues.  –  Sat.,  11am  –  4pm  with  after-hours  drop off  bin).  It  costs  the  municipality  if  you  put  them in  your recycling. This higher cost makes its way back to your tax bill!

BELL  TELEPHONE If  you  don’t  use  your  place  in  the winter, you can suspend your Bell phone service. There is a  one  time  fee  of  $50.  If you  do  take  advantage  of  this remember your phone doesn’t work at all. NO 911.

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